Awaken Life Energy

Designed to awaken the life energy in us, this 21 minute technique helps us radiate the awareness and peace that exists in us. This is a workout to awaken the tejas – the life energy in us. It awakens and redistributes the energy flow in our body, so that it reaches every part of the body. It works as an energy bath to relax and rejuvenate the whole body. When you infuse etheric energy into every part of your body, you start radiating what is known as tejas, or radiance from within. You will radiate the awareness and peace in you.




Before we start the workout, we need to get in touch with our body again! We are no longer sensitized to our bodies. We need to awaken our body sensitivity, so that the visualization process in the main workout is more effective. First, let us learn how to live inside our body! Don’t think you are living inside your whole body. You have forgotten that many of your body parts exist!

As you went out, how many felt the coolness of the earth? You have become insensitive to some parts of the body. You have lost the sensitivity you had as a child. When you choose one part of the body and reject another, the grace is lost. As a child, you are forced to suppress one side, the left side . The process starts as a child, when you are asked to eat only with the right hand, write only with the right hand. This is true especially in the eastern cultures. By and by, you start living only with one part of the body.

Also if you notice, all adults are centered only in the upper part of the body instead of the whole body. Just close your eyes and try to visualize yourself. How do you remember yourself? Your image in your mind will be only upto the bust! We continuously live centered on the upper body and suppress the lower half. This technique is all about centering yourself in all parts of your body, instead of living like a ghost in your own body! If you can infuse awareness into your whole system, you become Swastha (healthy). Swastha actually means swa-astha, established in oneself.
According to Ayurveda, every part of your body breathes individually – inhales and exhales. Every part of your body can take in oxygen from the air, not just your lungs. Infusing prana shakti (the vital energy that you take in while breathing) into your body will both relax and refresh you.

Close your eyes and blindfold them.

Step 1:
Tense every part of your body, part by part. Start with your feet. When you tense your feet, visualize your feet as a bean bag, and squeeze them completely to infuse awareness into that part. Then move on to your calf muscles, knees and thighs. Move upwards to the hips, abdomen, chest and back, shoulders, arms and hands. Now tense your neck, face and head.

Step 2:
Visualize every part of your body inhaling and exhaling. Visualize your eyes, nose, head, legs and feet breathing. Infuse etheric energy (prana shakti) into every single part of the body. This will give you deep relaxation; you will radiate peace.

Step 3:
Now let us go deeper and center ourselves on the seven chakras (subtle energy centers). We will breathe life into all the seven energy centers. This is called chakra breathing. Inhale and exhale, remaining centered on each chakra for 7 rounds of breathing. For example, visualize the muladhara chakra breathing. Let the chakra inhale. Experience the air entering the chakra, taking a turn inside the chakra and being exhaled. Feel the prana vibrating the chakra. Do this for all the chakras.
This is not just a visualization! You are only opening up your awareness to a process that is already happening. When the intense and continuous prana flow happens inside your chakras, all energy blocks are naturally removed and the entire system is rejuvenated.