Do you know, your mind always moves in circles? We always think that the movement of the mind is linear, but in truth it is circular. The mind always moves in a fixed pattern, following a circular track of memories, and associations and expectations. That is why you experience the same mood swings again and again and again. The same thoughts come up, the same desires, fears and anxieties, the same highs and lows – and again and again you get caught in them. Just one time, if you can clearly witness your mental patterns, you can directly see how your mind is playing with you. Just this simple awareness can liberate you from your mind!


Keep a diary and note down your feelings, your emotions, at different times of the day – morning, afternoon, evening, night.
Do this for about a month.
Then take a look at your diary. Watch the patterns that your mood follows. Understand your
mood cycle.
The next time you feel a low mood, remind yourself of the pattern in your emotional cycle.
Remind yourself that this present mood is just one part of that cycle and enjoy it. It is, that’s
all. But it is not forever, it will pass.
In the same way, if you are feeling really happy, watch.
Watch the emotion, witness yourself through it.
Just as you witness the lows, witness the highs also. Don’t get involved in either, as both are
When you practice this technique for a few weeks, you will see that no matter what emotion
comes up at each moment, you are able to handle it without getting disturbed,.
No need to remember the person or situation which caused it. Just be with the emotion
for a while. If there is pain, let it be. Close your eyes and meditate on. Don’t resist. Enter it
completely, willingly.

After a few moments, bring up a joyful memory.
Your mind will be relieved, it will want to cling to this memory.
Don’t allow it!
Fight with this memory, try to throw it out of your inner space. Don’t let your mind rest on

Repeat this with other emotional memories.
Each time, fight your natural instinct.
Just do the opposite of whatever the mind is saying.
Understand, you can use the mind to kill the mind!

When you repeat this process a few times, you find that your mind is no longer playing the
old game. Whatever the emotion, you are able to remain centered.

You are neither clinging to anything, nor resisting anything.
You fall in tune with the flow of life.