Burn Your Conditionings

Light of ArunachalaDestroy all the patterns that exist in you! You hold so tightly onto your possessions, your relationships, your experiences, your identity, only because you have never really confronted the truth that none of these can be with you forever. A single intense experience that all this can be utterly, irreversibly destroyed in a moment is enough to disillusion you about all that you are clinging to. Naturally, your awareness is centered in that which can never be destroyed. Both yukti and bhakti are awakened in you. This 21 minute meditation burns down all what you think you “are”.


Here, you visualize everything around you and within you being burnt by kaalaagni, the flames of annihilation. Whatever you experience outside, whatever you experience inside, is burning and getting extinguished in this mighty fire. The whole material world is being consumed by flaming tongues of fire. The entire inner world – all your thoughts and feelings about people, situations, experiences, all are burning to ashes. Visualize continuously that whatever you think about the world, about anything, is burning… it no longer exists. Your attitudes, your interests, your passions, your greed, your desires and your fears are all being consumed in the fire. When everything is burnt, what remains? Only your awareness, I am. This experience can drastically break your conditioning and push you into enlightenment.