Freedom From Fear

This is very effective 21 minutes technique helps us to overcome fear by visualizing and going through that fear as clearly as  you can.  Fear is a powerful energy in you! It is a survival intelligence built into you. If you have fear, it means that you are alive!  You cannot wipe out fear from your life. You can only learn how to handle it, how to transform the emotion.  Whenever we experience fear, we usually try to suppress the fear or escape from it. When you suppress it, the fear only more gets deeply lodged in you. When you try to escape from it, it leaves for a while and then returns in some other form.  When you go through the fear unconsciously, without suppressing or escaping from it, it results in a fear stroke. Fear strokes directly attack and damage your nervous system.

The only way to overcome fear is to face it consciously. The beauty of this technique is that it can be used when you are not in the situation which causes fear, when you are calm and able to handle yourself. At the time when you are caught in fear, it is impossible to sit down calmly and start meditating!  Just be completely aware throughout the process. Face the fear with deep awareness.  When you experience something completely, you stop the process.  As long as you are alive, there will always be fear – but your fear of your fear will be gone!


Sit upright with your eyes closed.  Visualize the situation which brings up the maximum fear in you.  As you relive the situation, feel clearly the waves of fear coming up in you.  Don’t try to suppress the fear. Don’t allow your mind to escape from it.  Just let the fear happen in you.  Feel clearly the fear coming up in you, face the fear with deep awareness.

If you suffer, if your body feels uncomfortable, it is fine.  Don’t suppress the fear, just allow it to happen.  Even if you are suffering, don’t resist the process.  Go into it fully once, so that you never have to go through it again.  If your body begins to express the fear, let it.  Let the fear rise to it peak in you. Let it fill you, overwhelm you.  Just let it happen.  Live through the fear completely.  After a while, slowly, you will find that the fear begins to subside.  In its place, you will find a deep calm and centeredness happening in you.