Balance Your Body Elements

This 30 minute meditation is extremely helpful in balancing the two elements of our body, fire and water that are directly related to our visualization powers. Pitta is the vital force that is directly related to visualization. That is why, if your pitta is imbalanced, your power of visualization and clarity of thinking are affected. When you drink too much, you start seeing double because the pitta is imbalanced. The reverse can also happen. When you are continuously irritated, your pitta becomes imbalanced. Pitta is made up of the two elements – fire and water. This technique is for balancing these two elements in the body. It also awakens the unused energy centers of the body.


Wait at least three hours after meals before doing this meditation.

Step 1 (10 minutes)
Remain in a standing posture. Shake the whole body from head to foot as if shaking a tree from the roots. Don’t allow even a single energy center to rest! There are 74,000 energy centers in the body, out of which 10,000 are in the head, but from birth to death, you use only 13,000! This shaking awakens all your unused energy centers and makes the whole body fluid. As of now, it is tense and solid like a stone, which is why the energy flow is improper and
self healing does not happen. So shake consciously and shake vigorously!

Step 2 (10 minutes)
Sit down wherever you are. Whatever sound appears in your mind, just vocalize that sound. It should be like gibberish, not words. It may be hidden irritation, worry, or anger. Just release all the irritation inside you. If you carry this irritation in your system, it may  imbalance your pitta, so let them out completely.

Step 3 (10 minutes)
Sit silently and just be a witness. Don’t follow, suppress or destroy any thought that rises in your mind. Simply witness whatever is happening in your body and mind, without passing judgment on any thought, or resisting any thought.