Awaken The Fire Of Digestion

This powerful 25 minute meditation technique is designed to specially clear all the problems that are related to digestion. By awakening the digestive energy, one experiences light yet energized body. A perfectly functioning digestive system is the index of good physical health. This is a technique to awaken the jataraagni (the digestive fire or energy of digestion that is present in your navel region).
To do this technique properly, your stomach should be empty. This does not mean that you should be fasting. It is enough if you do not feel heaviness in the stomach. When your jatargaani is alive, you will feel light no matter what you eat. Actually, fasting is practiced to make the jataraagni alive. When the jataraagni comes alive, all the extra load in your body is burned. Today’s technique is like fanning the jataraagni. This technique will clear all your problems related to digestion. Peptic ulcers and other problems related to the stomach will be healed.


Step 1 (10 minutes)
Sit in vajrasana (sit upright with your knees bent and feet tucked under you). Close your eyes and visualize an agni (fire) burning in your navel area. When you blow air into a fire, it burns brighter. In the same way, you can infuse prana (the vital energy of breath) into your jataraagni. With each inhalation, visualize the prana entering the navel and making the fire burn more intensely. This will burn away all the toxins in your system. Your whole body will start feeling light.

Step 2 (10 minutes)
Sit cross-legged and chant the hoomkara (‘hoooommm’) intensely but not loudly. If you chant loudly, you will become tired. Just visualize that you are forcing the sound inside. Then there will be no sound, but there will be intensity. Send the sound inside. If you chant intensely, you will become more energetic as energy is circulating inside Visualize the hoomkara intensifying the fire.

Step 3 (5 minutes)
Relax. Sit with yourself in silence. Let the energies settle inside you.