Aura sensitization

Your aura is a protective energy shield around your body. If your aura is strong and healthy, you cannot catch an illness even if you are in a high-risk environment. Do you know, all your diseases express in your energy body at least six months before they are physically expressed! Just by checking the health of your aura, you can get advance warning of many physical diseases. On some days, we feel exhausted for no reason, even when we are in good health, and even when we haven’t been doing any strenuous work. If this happens to you, it is possible that you are living or working in an environment where a lot of subtle negative vibrations are being transmitted by people, mostly unconsciously. People are constantly broadcasting their tension, their anxiety, their anger, in subtle waves. If you don’t know how to protect yourself, you may pick up these vibrations automatically.

When your aura is strong, it can work as a protective shield around you. Your aura is a field of conscious energy. It is your point of interchange with the cosmic life-force. When you sensitize yourself to your aura, you are accessing an inexhaustible source of positive energy.


Before you go to sleep, sit up on your bed.  Become aware of your aura. It is about six inches wide, surrounding your body like a halo.  If you sensitize yourself to your aura, automatically you draw in positive and shielding energies.  If you cannot feel your aura, it is enough if you can visualize it.  This aura is caring and protective. Nothing can enter it. No outside vibration can affect you.  Feel the loving energy of this aura.  After a few minutes, fall asleep inside this aura. Feel as if you are falling asleep in the lap of the Divine.  From the moment you wake up, keep this awareness of your aura with you throughout the day. This visualization will go deep into your unconscious and give you tremendous energy.  You will experience a protective energy that surrounds you and protects you from negative influences at all times.