Why Meditate?

Extensive research done by different scientists in different countries has proven that meditation results in good physical health, mental health, and a host of other derived benefits. But according to me, even those results are not straight results of meditation, they are not the actual purpose of meditation. They are just the side benefits of meditation. Good physical health, mental health, etc. are all wonderful to have, but they are only side benefits of meditation. If somebody asks me, why meditate, straight answer would be, to raise your consciousness! The human body is designed to live in high consciousness. The human brain is wired for enlightenment.

Meditation is needed to create an increasing influence and awareness over both your thinking state and the unconscious state. Instead of the dream state penetrating the waking state and the deep sleep state; with meditation, the turiya or blissful state will start penetrating the waking and deep sleep states! The more and more we meditate, the more we raise our awareness and the more we raise our consciousness of the fourth state – turiya. Turiya itself means fourth. You cannot give an exact name to this state. You can call it by any of these names: samadhi, enlightenment, atmagnana, brahmagnana, nirvana… They are all different names but denoting the same state. When this state starts penetrating and overlapping the waking and deep sleep states, we will see good health happening in the body, mind and being. The purpose of meditation is to experience this fourth state and bring more and more influence of the fourth state into our waking and deep sleep states.